Wild Voices: Recapturing wonder and nourishing the soul, Chloe Revill

Chloe Revill is the co-founder of Change in Nature (http://www.changeinnature.org), an organisation that helps people to ‘unwind, reconnect and come alive’ in nature. In this incredible conversation with Chloe we talk about her career working in Government and at the United Nations level on climate change, helping to amplify the voices of small island states and developing countries whose very existence is being put at risk. We talk through the pivot her career took, after a year spent travelling through Africa and spending one week running a camp with 12 bushmen in the Bwabwata National Park in Namibia. We move onto the decision to set up Change in Nature, why she believes this organisation to give people a radical reconnection with nature is so needed, and the skills training she went through in order to be able to ready to begin facilitating retreats for people. And our conversation turns to the magic and wonder she helps people to experience, sharing a feeling that she also experienced during her own childhood growing up on a farm in southern Spain. This is an utterly fascinating conversation and Chloe’s training to tell stories and hold a space for dialogue comes across over the course of this enchanting episode.


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