Wild wisdom: best bits from 2017

This episode is a best of, in which I’ve picked out some of my favourite parts of the conversations I had in 2017. In the following order (just so as you know who is speaking) I speak to Jonny Rankin, turtle dove pilgrim, about using wildlife to achieve personal and physical change; author Stephen Moss covers some of his most special birding memories; Dame Fiona Reynolds talks about the importance of beauty in making conservation happen; Debbie Pain and then Annette Fayet talk about the power of science to help us unlock undiscovered secrets in the natural world; Paul Rosolie describes why he wanted to travel unaccompanied into the uncharted depths of the Peruvian rainforest; Alan Rabinowitz recalls his childhood promise (now fulfilled many times over) to save big cats; wildlife photographer Tom Mason talks about how to set yourself apart as an artist; my grandfather, Tony Paine, describes an idyllic childhood in the countryside while Britain fought the Second World War; Ben Eagle and Pete Cooper talk with me about the hot topic of raptor persecution; and finally Chloe Revill describes how her immersive Change in Nature retreats help people reconnect with nature and might even motivate them to do more to save it.

I’ve already got some very exciting conversations planned for 2018, so I really hope that you keep listening. Thank you so much if you’ve listened in 2017. But for the next few days have a restful holiday period and I hope you manage to fit in some wild time outdoors with your loved ones.


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