Wild Voices: the role of bravery and trust in saving nature, Isla Hodgson

Isla Hodgson is a zoologist working towards a PhD in conservation, studying the conflict between raptors and grouse moor management in Scotland. She is also a keen communicator, working as a freelance researcher for the BBC, and has just written her first book – Hidden Nature – which is all about British wildlife and where to find it, based on her blog www.wherethewildthingslive.co.uk. Isla is also the associate director for the UK’s youth nature network A Focus On Nature (AFON), which aims to bring together and support young people with an interest in the natural world.
In this conversation we discuss the role of bravery, particularly for women, in the conservation sector, how she has built trust with communities who often have reason to mistrust conservationists, and her process and routine for writing a book at the same time as doing a PhD.

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