Wild Voices: blogging your way to a book deal and foraging your own food, Tiffany Francis

Tiffany Francis is an author and artist specialising in nature, wildlife and the outdoors.  In a few days’ time her new and first book, Food you can Forage, is being published. In this episode you can get a sneak preview of an excerpt that Tiff reads aloud.
Last year she was the winner of an episode of Kirsty’s Handmade Christmas on Channel 4 and when she’s not out foraging for seaweed and spotting amazing birds, she’s likely to be at home in her kitchen cooking up beautiful cakes or concocting homemade alcohol.
In this conversation we talk about Tiff’s love of foraging food and why she thinks it’s something anyone can have a go at, her writing process and how she secured a book deal, and her transition in recent days to being full time freelance/self-employed. You can find out more about Tiff at tiffanyimogen.com or @tiffins11 on Twitter. She’ll soon be opening an Etsy shop too where you can buy her artwork.

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