Wild Voices: the change is in all of us, Lucy Purdy

Lucy Purdy (@loosepea) is editor of Positive News (@PositiveNewsUK), a magazine that publishes ‘constructive journalism’ – good journalism about good things. She is originally from Shropshire but has lived in London for more than 10 years. Previously, she was a freelance journalist, writing about nature connection and other topics for the likes of Guardian Sustainable Business, The Simple Things magazine, Oh Comely magazine, the New Statesman and various gardening titles. She is passionate about growing food and about composting, and loves spending time in nature, running and making things.
If you visit the Positive News website you can read some of the articles, subscribe or donate.
In this conversation we cover the power of positive journalism to change people’s media diets as well as to inspire them to take action. Lucy describes the lengths she will go to in order to achieve the perfect compost mix, and we discuss the important relationship between nature and the language we use to describe it.
The Wild Voices Project podcast tells the stories of people saving nature. We are part of WILDVoices media, a global production team bridging emerging storytellers with aspiring environmental professionals.  Find out more about us at  wildvoicesproject.org. Learn more about the global community at wild-voices.org.

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