Wild Voices: from horror movies to the plight of the Asian elephant, Ashley Bell

In this conversation I talk to Ashley Bell (@AshMichaelBell), actress and director of a new film about the plight of the Asian elephant. We discuss the little-known story of the threats to Asian elephants, whose numbers are far fewer than those of the African elephant. Ashley talks about the process of producing the film and working with renowned Asian conservationist Lek Chailert, and she also explains what lessons and techniques she took from her work in horror movies into producing an environmental documentary.

Ashley Bell is a film, television and theatre actress. She won an Independent Spirit Award nomination for Best Actress for her role in The Last Exorcism as well as an MTV Movie Award. Ashley wrote, directed and produced the feature-length documentary Love and Bananas: An Elephant Story (http://loveandbananas.com/ or @LoveandBananas), and she’s a US Ambassador for Cruelty Free International.

The Wild Voices Project podcast tells the stories of people saving nature. We are part of WILDVoices media, a global production team bridging emerging storytellers with aspiring environmental professionals. Find out more about us at wildvoicesproject.org. Learn more about the global community at wild-voices.org.


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