Wild Voices: how understanding human behaviour can help us to save nature, Diogo Veríssimo

Diogo Veríssimo (https://www.diogoverissimo.com and @verissimodiogo) is a social scientist focussing on how marketing and insights into human behaviour can help us to tackle conservation issues, particularly human-wildlife conflict and the illegal trade in wildlife. He’s an Oxford Martin Fellow, part of the Oxford Martin programme on the illegal wildlife trade. In 2016 he was given the Young Professional Award by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature’s Commission of Education and Communication and in 2017 he received the Early Career Conservationist Award from the Society for Conservation Biology.
In this conversation he tells us how tripping over a fossil was how he stumbled into an interest in the natural world. And he tells us how he realised that nature conservation is fundamentally dependent on human actions and interactions with the natural world. And then Diogo explains how social marketing and influencing human behaviour can help us to protect wildlife, creating incentives rather than imposing rules and regulations. This marketing can take the form of focusing on charismatic umbrella species that are particularly appealing but which are connected to others.
Diogo also tells us about the Lost and Found project he founded, about species previously thought to have gone extinct that have been rediscovered. And he also tells us about setting up ‘I Fucking Love Biodiversity’ (https://www.facebook.com/Ilovebiodiversity/ and
The Wild Voices Project podcast tells the stories of people saving nature. You can find us online at www.wildvoicesproject.org and @WildVoicesProj on twitter. And you can subscribe to the podcast on iTunes and Stitchr. We are part of WILDVoices media, a global production team bridging emerging storytellers with aspiring environmental professionals.  Learn more about the global community at wild-voices.org.

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