Wild Voices: healing ourselves through a balanced relationship with nature, Scott Haber

Scott Haber began as a bioengineering student, but transitioned into nature-based mindfulness practice after learning from a woman who was practising traditional Andean ways. Scott then received the Bonderman Fellowship which allowed him to visit traditional, nature-based cultures around the world and learn from them. He now undertakes a unique blend of shared interests, including writing, making films and taking photographs while also leading nature-based mindfulness classes and courses. He’s also practising environmental advocacy, particularly helping the Shuar community in Ecuador protect their land from petrochemical developments and exploitation.
You can find Scott at his website (https://www.scotthaber.com/) and you can find out more about him and links to his work on the ‘about’ page of his website (https://www.scotthaber.com/about-me/).

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