What Is It?

The birdsong you hear, the butterflies you see, the flowers you smell. They’re all here for us to enjoy thanks to the efforts of thousands of people working in their different ways to protect, save and nurture wildlife and nature.

Volunteers, conservation staff, TV presenters, photographers, surveyers, amateur enthusiasts, moth lovers, butterfly netters, dragonfly illustrators, guano collectors and more. They are the people with amazing stories to tell who help wildlife to flourish, help it face the challenges and threats that put it at risk and help to connect us with nature too.

Through black and white photography, blogs and podcasts, Wild Voices Project will bring you their stories.

Who Are We?

The Wild Voices Project is run and hosted by Matt Williams.

We believe in making sure that the people who truly give their blood, sweat, tears, sanity and life savings to saving wildlife deserve recognition.

It is our express aim to make sure we represent the true diversity of the conservation sector. To build a better world, we need to not just save nature but also to make society more equal and a better place for everyone. This means we are also proactively trying to engage in the struggle to represent marginalised or oppressed groups. We will do our best to tell the stories of people who love nature who identify as female, who are part of an ethnic minority, who are disabled or who are part of any other minority or marginal group.

We also hope to sensitively cover tricky issues that people find it hard to discuss, such as depression, sexuality, unpaid internships and being the nature enthusiast in a family who love you but just think you’re a little odd. We hope that this will make life easier for other people who face some of these struggles.

What Should You Expect?

High quality storytelling and photography about nature and the people who love it.

Honesty when we don’t get it right.

We’re not officially associated with any NGO, so we won’t be representing their views. But we are very grateful for their support where they have chosen to help us.